Miniature 2011 – a journey


THE VIDEO On the occasion of Miniature 2011 completion I created this video, Miniature 2011 – a journey, animating all 53 Giorgio Gristina’s pictures. The soundtrack is Miniature N.50, Icarus, whose heart makes a journey flying over the 53 drawings.

THE PROJECT In 2011 Italian pianist and composer Francesco Di Fiore composed a piano piece per week (for solo piano and piano four hands), creating a stunning collection of 53 compositions and 207 minutes of music. This amazing project is called Miniature 2011 and is completely downloadable for free at
Miniature 2011 has been followed by so many music lovers, musicians and artists waiting every week for the upcoming piece, some of them gave their personal contribution to the project with performances, reinterpretations and even artistic creations. The Italian painter Giorgio Gristina created every week an original drawing or painting inspired by each new piece. So at you will find Miniature’s 53 music sheets, mp3s (virtual audio clips created by Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga) and drawings.

Music composed and performed by Francesco Di Fiore
Pictures by Giorgio Gristina


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