The Whale’s Divertissement


THE VIDEO Video for The Whale’s Divertissement, a suite for solo piano by Italian composer Matteo Sommacal, dedicated to Francesco Di Fiore.

THE PROJECT The Whale’s Divertissement is a three movements suite inspired to some whale surfacing behaviors:
“Breaching” is a fast and spectacular emersion, sometimes of the whole animal, that leaps out of the surface, jumps and heads straight out in the air and lands in the water with a dive. “Logging” is typically a group behaviour, that whales exhibit probably when at rest: the animals stay afloat, without forward movement at the surface, all heading in the same direction, as an expanse of logs in the water. “Flipperslapping” identifies the behaviours of certain whales that lift their flippers out of the water and then bring them down onto the surface, hard and fast in order to make a loud slap. (Matteo Sommacal)

Music by Matteo Sommacal
Piano Francesco Di Fiore